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In stock 12 шт.
In stock 12 шт.

What is a scrypt miner?
Scrypt miner is nothing more than a special equipment (cryptograph) for generating the corresponding currency. Not so long ago, when only a very limited circle of people heard about such a monetary unit, it was possible to create "coins" and make money using conventional computers. However, today it is an increasingly popular trend of passive earnings. Increased competition forces miners to invent high-performance farms, organize an Internet connection with a minimum ping, etc. Especially advanced in this area buy the above-mentioned cryptographies (buy miners).
Main features of the equipment
All newcomers are asking the same question: "What is the better the miner than the farm?". To answer it, one should cite the following peculiarity of any modern device for creating crypto currency: it has several (at least five) simultaneous operating video cards that are very hot. For a conventional computer, this is completely impossible, since no motherboard has such a number of slots. When assembling the farms, you will have to spend a lot of time calculating and ensuring good ventilation, so as not to burn the processor. As a result, the simplest option is to purchase a scrypt miner, for example, Antminer L3+. It already provides everything you need, and the parameters of the equipment are competently balanced. The difference in price will be insignificant.
Another important feature is the scrypt miner operating system. These devices work on the ASIC. The corresponding version of the software was created only for the production of crypto currency, and therefore is relatively simple. To get started, it must be configured and connected to the network. Further, human intervention is almost not required. It is important when choosing such a device to pay attention to its hashed (the speed of generating "coins") and the level of energy efficiency - their ratio should be high. As a rule, the country of production does not play a role, so you can safely buy miners china.

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