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Halong Mining has announced the development of a new SiaCoin buy ASIC miner, the DragonMint B52 Blake2B Miner. This sudden news comes as a surprise to miners and traders, who are still reeling over the BitMain AntMiner A3 Blake2B miner that was just announced mere days before.

B52 BLAKE2B Siacoin Miner is in the Way – Here’s What We Know About

The Details of buy B52 BLAKE2B

Not much has been released about the DragonMint B52, but Halong Mining has revealed that it will be a 135-chip ASIC with a 3.5 TH/s hash rate at 1000W +/- 8%. Apart from the fact that it weighs 6kg, no more information has been revealed, though the company claims that the product will be ready for preorder very shortly.

With that being said, Halong Mining has cautioned that hard specifications have yet to be announced, as the pre-production process is still ongoing and the company is working on fine-tuning and testing the miner, so these specs may still change.

Among other similar Blake2B miners, the DragonMint B52 doesn’t stand out as much due to the weaker specifications that have been tentatively released. But with the limited information available, it remains to be seen whether this will work in the favor of the hardware or against it. Without knowledge of the price, it’s not easy to guess the outcome now.

Interested miners can sign up for the product’s waitlist in anticipation of its preorder sale.What We Know About B52 BLAKE2B miner


A History of SiaCoin Miners

Since its inception is 2014, SiaCoin has been a popular form of cryptocurrency, but hardware companies had yet to create reliable ASIC mining hardware for the tokens. At least, not until very recently, with the sudden influx of miners dedicated to this specific purpose.

The very first SiaCoin miner is a relatively recent invention. Named the Obelisk SC1, it paved the way for hardware manufacturers to begin considering SiaCoin a respectable digital currency to create products for. While the SC1 remains in development, the new announcements of ASIC miners for this currency prove that it will have some tough competition. BitMain has become the very first manufacturer of ASIC miners for SiaCoin, with Halong Mining following in close second.

Halong Mining as a Company

A brand new company Halong Mining

Halong Mining is a brand new company to the scene, having made its debut with the announcement of the DragonMint 16T Bitcoin ASIC Miner last year. With a 16TH hash power, it was set to be the world’s most efficient Bitcoin miner to date. However, although the company revealed plans to begin shipping finished miners in the March of this year, no new updates have come through.

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