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In connection with the latest developments in the ASIC market of miners, namely the emergence of devices for algorithms and coins, which were mainly produced on video cards (Monero, SIA, Decred) and news from BITMAIN about the release of the first ASIC device for the Ethash algorithm, I would like to talk about the near The future of Ethereum mining.

According to some news, Bitmain is going to start production of its first ASIC for Ethereum. Bitmain has recently been the leader in the production of devices for the mining of several coins. For example, they were among the first who made ASIC on the algorithm CryptoNight (Monero, Sumocoin, Electroneum, etc.).

The first news came not so long ago, after several days of research and monitoring, I came to the conclusion that we are certainly not dealing with rumors at the moment. Recently it became known that at least three more companies are working on ASIC-devices for Ethereum.

What does this mean for the mining of the Etherium?

On the one hand, if all four companies release their ASIC devices in the near future, we will not have to worry about centralization. For example, the situation would be much worse if Bitmain was the only company that created ASIC for the mining of Ethereum - centralization of mining is a very strong blow to the coin.

Its first ASIC-devices from Bitmain called buy Antminer E3 can be purchased pre-order now at a price of $ 800, the first deliveries are scheduled for July 16-31.

Algorithm: Ethash
Power consumption: 800 W
Hashrate: 180MH / s
Warranty: 180 days
Supplied without power supply

On the other hand, I expect Ethereum's level of sophistication to soar in the coming months. Of course, if ASIC is released and they will work as stated.

What should we expect?

I'm pretty sure that Bitmain will release its ASIC. They rarely cancel their products, even when they know that they will not work as intended (as happened with CryptoNight). I am also quite sure that other companies (HalongMining, Baikal, etc.) will not miss the opportunity to contribute. However, we still do not know exactly how the Ethereum community will react to this.

Monero is a recent example of how coin developers told ASIC a bold and definitive "no". Monero developers decided to shell out their coins every six months to ensure that no ASIC was compatible with the coin. This made ASIC on the CryptoNight algorithm less attractive to the end user, because Monero may be the most profitable CryptoNight coin to date.

Nobody even claimed that the Ethereum community and developers would simply accept the fact that Ethereum can now be obtained only with the help of ASIC. Maybe so, but I think there are great chances that they will make some changes to the coin.

My personal recommendations for this topic

The situation with Ethereum will clear up, perhaps in a few days or weeks. So, here's what I would recommend you do:

Do not invest in cloud-based mining Ethereum:

The price of Ethereum may further decline in the near future. Investors do not seem to like any changes in the coin's work, so the price of Ethereum has dropped significantly once Bitmain has announced its new ASIC for the coin. If this happens, then the level of complexity will grow and your investments may suddenly lose profitability.

When buying graphics cards for mining, do not count on Ethereum when calculating ROI. It is unclear what will happen to the ETH mining in a few months, so I think it would be nice to focus on mining other coins.

If you have not already done so, try to get other coins zCash, Ravencoin, Decred, LBRY, Pascal, Verge, KECCAC, etc.


Do your own research. If you find something interesting, I'll be very grateful if you post this in the comments section below. As members of the community, we must help each other, and placing important information can save us both time and money.

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