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As you know, the mining of the Ethereum crypto currency and its other forks is based on the algorithm Dagger Hashimoto or shortly Ethash. The main idea of ​​which is to gradually increase the so-called DAG file, which must necessarily be loaded entirely into memory for the process of mining such a crypto currency. This process, together with the need to provide quick access to this very memory and makes the Ethash encryption algorithm, is intrinsically safe. The recent appearance of the first ASIKs for this algorithm, Bitmain Antminer E3, shows that similar devices are equivalent in their energy efficiency to mining on the GPU and do not give advantages in the hundreds or even thousands of times as it was for other algorithms. But let's leave the topic of the asics under the air until the summer and return to more pressing topics, namely the Nvidia Geforce GTX1060 3Gb video cards, which suddenly, in late March 2018, refused to produce Ethereum and Etheterum classic. In this article, we will try to understand why this is happening and how to deal with it.

As we said earlier, the DAG file that is loaded into the memory of the video card is gradually growing and to date it has reached such values ​​that all mining rigs with the operating system Windows 10 and with video cards having 3 gigabytes of memory on board began to massively exit the ether mining. About two years ago, in 2016, owners of video cards with 2GB of video memory were already faced with this situation. As with the previous time, such limitations are not related to the fact that the DAG file is already larger than the available 3GB. And to our happiness today crypto community can offer many more options to delay the loss of all GTX1060 with 3 gigs from the inevitable move of mining to other crypto-currencies. Buy from us a miner for the mining of the Etherium and you will soon become independent!

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