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The Dutch technology company Speculative.Capital has initiated the project, which explores the possibility of using the energy of the human body.

To do this, the company has created costumes that convert heat from the human body into electricity for computers that cancry crypto currency.

According to their website, the project involved 37 people. The concept is quite simple, the subject lays down for several hours, while the costume uses energy from body heat.

The technology is rather elegant, because small thermoelectric generators collect a temperature difference between the body temperature of the subject and the ambient temperature in the room. The generated electricity is then used for mining.

In general, the subjects provided enough power for computers to work for 212 hours, this is just over eight days, and they claim that during this time they received 16,594 coins.

The selected crypto-currencies were Vertcoin, StartCOIN, Dash, Lisk, Lightcoin and Etherium. Vertcoin and StartCOIN accounted for most of the coins, while heavyweights like Lightcoin and Etherium were in the minority of the coins they extracted - given the complexity of their production.

During this 212-hour period, 37 subjects produced 127 watts of energy.
Let's make some assumptions

If your computer has a Nvidia 1060 graphics card with 6 gigabytes, you can get 19Mbps hashing at 80W in the Ethereum extraction - data from 1stminingrig.com.

Although the idea is wonderful and exciting, it seems too much effort for too little reward.

Nevertheless, such projects as these extend the boundaries of what the human body is capable of, and we can further explore how we can use and produce energy in the future.

Whenever projects like these are conducted and published results, people quickly debunk success and belittle the work that has been performed. Despite the fact that the project may not have brought enough energy to generate large amounts of crypto currency, this is an alternative and green method of mining, necessary to maintain the blockhouse.

Why not use the sun?

Speculative.Capital makes you wonder what other alternatives exist - especially for those who like mining at home.

The simplest and probably the most affordable option is solar energy - if you live somewhere in the sunny edge.

Solar panels are easy to get and set up, although you will need an inverter and batteries to store energy. But provided constant sunlight, and you could easily create enough energy to power a homemade mining installation.

Based on these calculations at solarpowerrocks.com, the average solar panel will produce 250 watts per hour. If you have 4 hours of bright sun, your panel will generate 1000 watts of energy - 8 times more than our friends in the Netherlands.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of their chosen method does not matter. It is extremely important that we are looking for cheaper and cleaner energy sources for the power-intensive industry.

In its present form, the overall energy consumption of mining around the world uses more energy than a number of individual African countries.

Blocking and crypto-currencies promise decentralized and anonymous transactions for the average person, but we need to be aware of the impact that they have on power systems around the world. If we can find better solutions, we must use them.

Similar Speculative.Capital and other technology companies are paving a new way for crypto currency space, and this will be a huge triumph if in the future more miners will be looking for alternative sources of energy.

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