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For today there are two ways to get your Bitcoin. Buy it on the stock exchange or try to get it. The first method refers to speculation in the foreign exchange market, and you need to have a very large amount, according to its rate + a small commission of stock exchanges leading the exchange of monetary units. He does not suit us, from the word - at all. Well, who in their right mind will buy Bitok for 7 thousand dollars and will wait when it becomes more expensive, at least by half? When there is another way, in tens or even hundreds of times cheaper than the first?

The second method is still available to almost everyone, but from a technical point of view it is the most complex. Today, to whisper Bitcoin, you need to build your own computer installation - a buy mining farm that works around the clock. The disadvantage of this approach is obvious - the cost of equipment exceeds 200 thousand rubles, and monthly electricity bills, consumed by 1 farm, exceed 5000 rubles. That is, most of us can not afford it. And not everyone can do it. On the average, 1 bitcoin has been running for several years. With the wrong approach and the organization of this business - you can stay completely without profit. Of course, farm owners have a way that guarantees some earnings, connect their farm to a common mining pool, where all connected farms are working for Bitcoin extraction, and the distribution of the extracted goes between all the connected ones, depending on the capacity of their connected farms. But, again, in order to whitewash Bitcoin, you must first buy an expensive farm and organize its work. Is there a way cheaper?

There is! There is a possibility to start Bitcoin more efficiently, without buying your own farm, using so-called cloud mining. That is, we do not physically control the farm and its performance, we only lease the power of their farms from a large operator - a hashtet, which in turn will bring us Bitcoin. The downside of this approach is that the volume of the extracted crypto currency will be slightly less than from the own farm. Plus - the cost of participation in cloud mining starts from $ 1.5 per year. And this is all for the money. Even to schoolchildren. The second plus - the capacity of cloud mining is greater than any home farm and if we want to seriously mine immediately, bypassing the technical boring part, then there is only cloud mining, without an alternative. After all, the operator guarantees us the rented capacity, which means that we are independent of machinery, electricity and hundreds of internal factors. We paid and consider how many Bitcoins a day our virtual farm brings.

Bitcoin's average profitability in cloud farms is today a little over 200% per year (our experiment predicts our profitability in the $ 322 area with an invested $ 100, that is, a net profit of $ 222 or 222%). The yield is indicated taking into account the rate of the crypto currency. And the above forecasts give us the right to believe that in the coming year the yield will only grow (in the experiment $ 322 is indicated at 7 thousand dollars, which at 10 thousand will mean a profit of $ 460. But! Starting investments do not change, and therefore the net profit will be% 360 - a dollar a day!).

That is, we have all chances to at least double our investments. Although, it will be fair to warn that crypto-currencies and, in general, cryptology may collapse at any moment, and our investments will be lost. How can this happen in any other risky investment. For example, putting a deposit into a bank or buying an investment share. The bank can go bankrupt, the owners of mutual funds escape abroad. By the way, now the risks on cryptology are very minimal, Bitcoin on the HYIP, the demand is only growing, there are no prerequisites for the collapse, and even if there is - $ 100 is not a million, it's not a pity to lose. In a word - we took a chance and went to an experiment, and you read about this article.

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