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Buy Monero (XMR) GPU Miner 5000 H/s

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Monero miner 5000 h/s

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Buy Monero (XMR) GPU Miner 5000 H/s

Monero mining is currently very profitable as it is very successful online untraceable’ digital currency.

Mineshop engineers is developing and customizing monero mining rigs that they would be very efficient. Please insert miner specification in to Calculator on your left and you will receive current profitability.

Specifications of the Monero Miner 5000 H/s

  • The Aluminium angle frame
  • Celeron G3930 Processor
  • Biostar TB250
  • 6x AMD Raddeon RX 570 GPU (SAPPHIRE,MSI,ASUS)
  • Fury DDR3/DDR4 8GB Memory
  • Kingston 120GB SSD Harddisk
  • EVGA 850/1000w power supply
  • HiveOS operating system (HiveOS login details https://the.hiveos.farm USERNAME:your order email PASSWORD:order number)
  • plug and play setup
  • Runs only on 650w power

*consequently the components brands might change ,  but it always will be equal.

  • after we will receive payment for your order, we will start building your miner
  • we will configure your miner for most optimal mining
  • small instruction provided with miner
  • mining rigs usually are shipped out in 1-3 days after payment cleared
  • mining machines are packed very well that doesn’t get damaged in shipping.

Most importantly, when ordering mining rig, you agree that it will be customized for most optimal mining. Mining rig parts comes with factory warranty.

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